Work Permit Exception

As everything comes with it’s exception the same applies here as though work permit is required to work in canada but still their are some jobs and occupation available in canada which allows the natives or foreign nationals to work here without any need of a valid work permit.

But the indiviual must possess a valid temporary resident visa or electronic travel authorization in order get a clear crystal entry in canada they may also have to the company letter or other documents supporting the geniune reason behind their visit to canada (work).

Following are the occupation that comes under this category:-

  1. Atheltes their teams
  2. Aviation accident or incident inspector
  3. Business visitor
  4. Civil aviation inspector
  5. Clergy
  6. Convention organiser
  7. Crew members
  8. Emergency servers
  9. Examiners
  10. Expert witness or investigator
  11. Foreign government officer
  12. Foreign representatives and their families
  13. Health care students
  14. Implied status
  15. judges, referees and similar officials
  16. Military personal
  17. News reporter
  18. Performing arts
  19. Public speakers
  20. On campus employment and some off – campus work. 

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