Visitor Visa

As a toll of people visit Canada as tourist just to enjoy it’s beauty and to cheerish it’s memories later on. Thereby, for the same they require permission from the government of canada in order to get there or most commonly known as visitor visa . For the visa-exempt countries they are required to obtain temoprary resident visa(TRV) before arriving to Canada.

Provided that holding a TRV doesn’t gurantee entry in canada as it’s privilege to get into this nation and not a right. as the visitor visa only provide a stay for a limited time period of six months whereas , other visa’s as express entry ;  study visa stay limit differ as the case may be.

Nationals of visa-exempt countries will require to get electronic travel authorization (ETA) before arriving to canada by air as it doesn’t apply to a visit by land or sea.

To qualify for getting a TRV, an applicant must:

An applicant applying for visitor visa or temporary resident visa must show the visa officer that you meet all the requirements of the immigration and refugee protection act (IRPA) along with the surity of leaving the place after the completion the assigned time period.

  • Assure the visa officer about going back after the end of alloted time span.
  • Prove of financial stability in order to finance their families , themselves and return back to their homeland
  • Abide all the norms and law and doesn’t commit or be the part of any illegal persuit
  • Without any intention of doing work or study there unless allowed to do so.
  • One must be seemed to be as an risk to Canada
  • BE in good health
  • Provide the documents along with additional documents if asked by the officer.

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