Temporary Resident Permits​


If an indiviual is considered to be inadmissible due to some criminal or illegal offence ; might be because of some medical issue but they provide satisfactory reason behind that than they will be allowed to travel to canada through getting temporary resident permit canada (TRPC) hereby, don’t mix the term with temporary resident visa which is most commonly known as a visitor visa for canada.

As stated above getting a TRPC will allow you travel to canada inspite of a person’ inadmissibility but the period alloted for stay in canada will differ as per the reason of travelling to canada as in some cases you may be allowed to stay for just a day or in some cases for even 4 years.

In order to get the TRP from the visa officer one must have a satisfactory reason for travelling to canada as the visa officer will always take the decision keeping in view the need and risk concept as the need shall always required to be higher than the risk you might pose to canada in order to get the travel right or entry in canada.

AS the temporary resident permit holder:

  • comply with the condition enforced on your TRP
  • No work or study without their permit
  • Not to re-enter canada with previous authorization
  • leave canada after the end of period of their stay.

Their is no gurantee that an indiviual will receive the TRP . as if one wants this permit will require to pay the non-refundable fee for the processing and must include pre-paid airway bill along with their application.

  • A permit will be valid upto the specific limit mentioned on it and the indiviual have to leave canada after the completion of specific and if they want to stay they may re-new the validity.
  • The visa officer can cancel the stay or make it to end at any time whenever they wish . once the validity ends the indiviual can’t live in canada unless been clearly authorised to leave or re-enter in canada.

Thereby , in such case we can help and guide you getting the TRP and make a convincing reason against your inadmissibility.

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