Super Visa

What is super visa:

Super visa is the visa especially made for parents and grandparents of the Permanent residents or canadian citizens which makes them eligible to get 10 years valid canadian visa ; Thereby making them eligible to come and stay in canada for two years in sequence that too without renewing their passport provided that it’s valid only upto intial stage. But still the eligibilty criteria has to be met in order to give it a go which is as follows;

Who are eligible:-

In order to be eligible for super visa you must meet the following :

  • Be the grandparent or parent of a canadian citizenship holder or a permanent resident
  • Have signed letter from your child or grandchild who is inviting you to canada that includes:  1. a promise of financial help upto the period of your stay     2.The list and number of total family members.             3. a copy of this person’s canadian citizenship or permanent resident document. 
  • Have medical insurance from a canadian insurance company that is:  1. valid for at least 1 year from the date of entry
  • Get $100,000 for least coverage
  • Pen down proof of medical/health insurance has been paid
  • Clear out medical exam of immigration

As getting through all these visa processes isn’t that easy as visa officer look for variety of things before giving and passing the visa likely, they also keep a note of the indiviual’s admissibility that whether they will come and leave Canada according to stated time without any chaos. Beside this their are a lot of other factors which are as follows:-

  • Financial stability at home country
  • The knots they ties with their motherland
  • Reason behind visiting this nation
  • An offer from the canadian host (person who is calling them)
  • Constitutional and economical interest in the region they are coming from.


But still after all this super visa will only let you live for temporary period of time as if one wish to reside permanently in canada they have to file an application for permanent residency through a consultant.

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