Study Permits

As the trend of studying abroad is enhancing among the youth of all nations thereby, making study permit the best way to accomplish their dream. As the study permit makes one eligible to go for further studies in a designated learning institute in Canada; provided that it doesn’t mean that it makes one eligible to enter Canada as an individual will require a visitor visa or electronic travel authorization (ETA). As if the study is approved any one of the above will be issued.

In order to get a valid study permit, an applicant must follow the following steps:-

Proof of Acceptance / Offer letter:                                                                                            At an initial stage letter of acceptance is required which will be available only after paying the college’s / university’s application fee. Provided that an applicant meets all the admission requirements. The program shall be more than six months long.

Proof of financial support:                                                                                                              The next step involves showing financial stability that must be sufficient to finance tuition fees of at least the commencing year along with the living and all other accompanying expenses.

Medical clearance:                                                                                                                          Following up next step is to get your medical done by a certified IRCC medical physician and get the medical clearance.

Proof of Identity:                                                                                                                              After all the above steps the most crucial step is to include the arranging of all your documents in a file so that they may not lose; especially a passport of the applicant is the main proof of his/her identity and without one cannot travel. Thereby it’s advisable to keep it as safe as possible.

Proof of police clearance:                                                                                                              Considering the home country the applicant must not have any criminal background as the IRCC may request to have a check on your police clearance certificate (PCC).

Other requirements:                                                                                                                        Assure the visa officer about leaving Canada after the completion of the study and must also show all other documents they may ask for.

The student who got their results positive in the above-mentioned steps will get their study permit after getting their visa (TRV; ETA) and must show approval at a Canadian port for entry in Canada. Make sure the program you are applying to shall be more than 6 months as students can’t travel if the program they are about the study is less than six months.

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