Spouses Common Law Conjugal Partner Sponsorship

Who is eligible:-

There is three sorts of relationships that become eligible under this category.

  • Your spouse
  • Your common law-partner
  • Your conjugal  partner

Who can be a sponsor and the eligibility?

  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident living in Canada
  • If you are a Canadian citizen living outside Canada, you must display that you plan to live in Canada when your sponsored relatives become a PR holder
  • You can’t sponsor someone if you are a permanent resident living outside Canada
  • Both the sponsor and the partner must be at least 18 years old at the time of application (but not necessarily at the time of the marriage, if local law permits minors to marry)
  • Partner must fall within the appropriate family category: spouse, common-law – partner, or conjugal partner
  • sponsor must be willing to file a sponsorship application on behalf of the partner
  • able to prove that you are not receiving social assistance for reasons other than a disability
  • you have to prove that you have the financial means to provide for a spouse and any dependent children

Thereby, the sponsor has to sign a 3-year sponsorship agreement that obligates you to provide total financial support to your partner commencing from the date of PR. And it remains in effect even though you get divorced or separated from your partner.

Ineligible to be a sponsor if:

  • you were sponsored and become a PR holder less than 5 years ago
  • you have already sponsored a spouse less than 3 years ago
  • you are in default status in regards to a previous spousal sponsorship, an immigration loan, a performance bond, or payments for family support.
  • you are currently in a bankruptcy proceeding
  • you are a recipient of social assistance for anything other than a disability
  • you have been convicted of a violent sexual offense, an act that caused bodily harm to a relative.
  • you are in jail, prison, or a reformatory
  • you are subjected to a removal order
  • you have already applied for a spousal sponsorship that hasn’t been decided upon yet.

Understanding inland and outland sponsorship:

If the to be sponsored live outside Canada in that case the file for sponsorship shall be filed in the visa office of their home country where they had been residing since 1 year or un-numbered ratio this is called outland sponsorship. While contrary to this if the partner: spouse, common law-partner is on temporary residency at the time of sponsorship either on work permit is called inland sponsorship in Canada. They may also apply for an open work permit.

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