Quebec Programs

As the province of quebec has it’s own set of rules and special agreements on immigration with the government of canada regarding the seletion of person to get the Canadian PR in quebec . In order to be the one ; has to clear both levels of government acceptance : selection and admission.

The economic immigration classes includes:

  • skilled workers
  • self employed
  • investors and entrepreneurs

Quebec immigration is a two-way process. First, the candidate applies for a CERTIFICAT DE SELECTION DU QUEBEC (CSQ) from the quebec government . The CSQ is a quebec document that proves that the applicant has been assessed and accepted for immigration by the provincial government . Second the applicant use this CSQ to submit their profile to become a permanent resident to IRCC verifies the eligibility of immigrants and issues PR visa and grants citizenship.

Quebec programs for economic immigrants: 

  • quebec skilled worker program (QSW)
  • quebec experience program (QEP)
  • quebec investor program
  • quebec self-employed program
  • quebec entrepreneur program

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