Post Graduation Work Permit

Many international students who have completed their studies may be willing to get and apply for an open work permit called PGWP.

As this PGWP will allow them to work under any Canadian employer and gain Canadian work experience which will eventually aid them in getting Canadian PR later in future.

To be eligible for PGWP , the international student must show the following:

  • Be 18 or older at the time of application
  • Studied full time and continuously in Canada in a study program at least eight months long 
  • Received a document from their respective school that confirms they completed and passed all the program requirements ;
  • Applied for work permit within 90 days of the issuing of the letter that confirms they completed and passed all the program requirement 
  • Have a valid study permit at the time of the application.

Graduated from:

  • A public post secondary school , such as college , trade / technical school or university or CEGEP in Quebec 
  • A private post -secondary that operates under the same rules as public schools ; or
  • A private or post secondary school (in Quebec)that offers qualifying programs of 900 hours or longer , leading to a diplome d etudes professionnelles (DEP) or an attestation de specialisation professionnelle (ASP);
  • A Canadian private school that can legally award degrees under provincial law  that is authorized by the province.

You are not eligible to apply for a PGWP if:

  • Studied in a program that was less than 8 months
  • Studied for more than 8 months but with breaks (Took off semester)
  • Received any award or scholarship program funded by GAC
  • Took part in equal opportunity scholarship , canada chile , Canada-Chile scholars exchange program or organization of american states fellowships program.
  • Studied through a distance learning programs either from abroad or within Canada
  • Already had a PGWP following any other program of study (PGWP is one in lifetime permit).

The work permit under this category may be issued for the minimum length of the international student’s study program , for a maximum of 3 years.

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