Inadmissibility and Appeals

Inadmissibility :

As there is a bundle of reasons where one can get a refusal in their visa or may not able to get an ETA for instance: criminal offence, misrepresentation, security or enforcement of law orders. As the maybe; in such circumstances, one has to go for:-

  • Authorization to return to Canada
  • Temporary resident permit
  • Criminal rehabilitation

ARC, TRP and rehabilitation applicants must include should include a pre-paid airway bill with their application.


The immigration and refugee board of Canada (IRB) is the biggest self depended administrative tribunal. Which is totally answerable for clearing up immigration and refugee matters effectively, fairly and in accordance with the law. Thereby, there are two avenues for the appeal process depending upon the sort of appeal.

Refugee appeal division (RAD):

  • Refugee appeals

Immigration appeal division (IAD):

  • Sponsorship appeals
  • Removal order appeals
  • Residency obligation appeals
  • Appeals made on behalf of the minister

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