What is ETA and it’s Need:-

Being a new entry requirement for all the non-canadian citizens of visa-exempt countries.

All the citizens from visa exempt countries will require an electronic travel authorization if they are travelling by air as this condition doesn’t apply to people travelling by road or land to canada. 

Following individuals does not require an ETA:-

  • US citizens
  • Visa-exempt individuals entering Canada by land or sea
  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • Foreign nationals with valid temporary resident visa

foreign nationals with valid Canadian status documents (eg:-worker, student ;etc) who re-visit Canada after visiting Us; st. peirre or Miquelon

if accepted than an ETA will be electronically attached to an individual’s passport and is valid for the duration of five years or as per the duration mentioned on their passport whatever is earlier.

Airlines will not allow an individual to board the flight is they doesn’t have a valid ETA , if required . usually all the ETA are accomplished electronically provided that in some cases it may take upto few weeks to get completed.

If an individual have applied with their Canadian temporary status document (eg:-work permit or study permit) at Canadian visa office abroad than an ETA must be issued along with the status document similar applies in extension of their of their temporary status document from within Canada.

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